A Tiger’s Tale, Who Will Close?

Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland is in a pinch,

When Jose Valverde was here, his 9th inning decision was a cinch,

It didn’t take much work for them to take the AL Central with an early clinch,

Make the wrong decision this year, the Tiger fans may lynch.

Bruce Rondon failed to lock up the closer’s spot,

A surefire replacement, the Tigers have not,

Frustration we can hope does not give Leyland a blood clot,

Now let’s go over the options that this team has got.

Joaquin Benoit right now is tops in the depth chart,

He’s getting a bit old and when exiting the bullpen may need a golf cart,

But age does not matter as long as you have heart,

The best option for the Tigers may actually be to leave in whoever they start.

Next on the list the team has got Phil Coke,

That’s not even the best name in this bullpen, that’s no joke,

Al Albuquerque takes the cake as the funniest name of all the folk,

With so many indecisions looming, I worry Leyland will die mid-season of a stroke.

There’s Octavio Dotel who has some experience as a closer,

Lately though he’s been more of a poser,

The 9th inning man needs the strength of a bulldozer,

It’s truly an art form, they could call themselves a composer.

Brayan Villareal and Drew Smyly round out the bullpen,

I’m sure both are incredibly capable men,

I still get the feeling the 9th inning will come around and then,

We will see Jim Leyland will ask his starters if they can pitch up until inning ten.

Whoever will close this season is beyond me,

Will it be Joaquin Benoit, Phil Coke, Al Albuquerque?,

Or will it be Octavio Dotel, Brayan Villareal, or Drew Smyly?,

Will the closer be able to get the outs, he only needs three.


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