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Wisdom, It Means Nothing Here

With age comes wisdom. In fantasy baseball, wisdom means nothing.

In many of the places I’ve looked in preparation for this draft the top position player and the top pitcher are Mike Trout and Clayton Kershaw. Both of these men are younger than I am, Kershaw by a few months and Trout by a few years. At 25 I feel a little strange relying on people younger than I am to make sure I win this fantasy baseball season. I would not rely on either of these men for anything else in life. I know myself well enough to understand people our age are usually good at one thing. I’m still searching for my talent.

Last season Kershaw was 14-9 with a 2.53 ERA. This was dramatically worse than the previous season when he went 21-5 with a 2.28 ERA. Despite his ERA jumping up about one point for every year he has existed, he still led the league with the lowest. Kershaw should be a good pick this year as he has proven so far in his career to remain consistent. He picks up a lot of strikeouts, eats innings, and with the new additions the Dodgers made in the off-season will easily win 15 games as long as he stays healthy.


Mike Trout has yet to spend a full season in the majors but he is already on the cover of magazines. In no other industry can you reach the top for such a short period of time and get as much coverage as Trout has. People seem to forget he played 40 games in 2011, hitting just .220 in 123 at-bats. Of course last year he proved he has what it takes to last a full season. He led the league in runs with an astonishing 129 which coming from a team that did not make the playoffs is pretty impressive. I’m still hesitant to spend my first pick on Trout. I expect a little bit of a sophomore slump from Trout this season. He’s already packed on a noticeable amount of pounds. Will he be able to steal nearly 50 bases again this year? Fat people are notorious for being slow. Trout will have to prove history wrong.