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A Bad Day

Monday was a great day for the Miami Carlins. When I used the word good it was a true understatement. 123 points in one day is tremendous. Yesterday was the opposite. The offense performed average, but the real problem was in the bullpen. Joe Nathan and Grant Balfour who I praised the day before both blew saves and earned losses. Nathan contributed -7 points with Balfour upping him with -10. Even worse news, Francisco Rodriguez was traded to the Baltimore Orioles where he will not be a closer. What’s happening to the Carlins bullpen?

Team Gold managed to catch up a lot yesterday. Newly acquired Jose Fernandez who was acquired for Giancarlo Stanton beat Miami Carlin pitching Jhoulys Chacin. The news gets worse too. Impending suspensions to Carlins players Nelson Cruz and Jhonny Peralta could ruin the team. Cruz is the team’s main power threat while Peralta has done more than asked after filling in for the disappointing Starlin Castro.

The only advice I have for fantasy baseball owners when it comes to this steroid mess is to trade away every Hispanic player you can. The majority of the names linked to steroids have been Latino. Ryan Braun who saw the fist come down on him for the rest of the season is of course an exception. Braun clearly has no Latin blood in him. I heard he’s a terrible dancer.

ryan-braun-biever2(Ryan Braun doing the only dance he knows, the Macarena)

This extended week’s score still sees the Miami Carlins leading 264-205, points added from early games today.

Yovani Gallardo Arrested

Milwaukee Brewers starting pitcher Yovani Gallardo was arrested for drunk driving. Considering he plays for a team called the Brewers, is it really unexpected?

yovani gallardo


Gallardo getting caught drunk driving is like Johnny Cueto being a Communist (Reds), Prince Fielder mauling someone to death (Tigers), or Adam Jones shitting on a car (Orioles).

So far this season Gallardo has pitched pretty awful. He probably needed the drink. Even more, he needed to fork over .00001% of his $7.75 million dollar salary for a cab.

yovani gallardo mugshot


(At least he looks ashamed)