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Inconsistent Hitting Beats Good Pitching

The first day of this epic match-up between America’s Fantasy Baseball Team the Miami Carlins and the Dark Empire Jimmy Dean Vienna Sausages has started off slow. JDVS leads 44-13, but keep in mind, it’s only one day and we’ve got 7 starts left to go as opposed to JDVS who is already down to 6.

Jimmy Dean Vienna Sausages produced big offensive numbers yesterday. Many of them coming off Madison Baumgartner, who oddly enough is on JDVS. The Phillies were playing the Giants and JDVS players Michael Young and Domonic Brown. It was a very strange situation for me as far as rooting interest goes. I didn’t want Baumgartner to pitch well because, well, he’s on JDVS. At the same time, I have him on my other team, the Atlanta Slaves. I’m also a fan of the Phillies so there’s that rooting interest as well. That’s the problem with fantasy baseball. Sometimes you find yourself rooting for and against the same person. It’s like when you have a real life enemy you want to see tortured by the government, but not killed. Maybe fantasy baseball is a tad more pleasant though.

Pitching today for the Carlins are Jordan Zimmermann and Ryan Dempster. Dempster may be called upon to start two games this week, but it’s unclear yet what the decision will be as I must still continue to weigh out the options. Tim Lincecum is available to pitch for JDVS, but I lost my ability to read minds and see the future when one of my enemies had me tortured by the government. I’ll have to wait until tonight to find out.



(Tim Lincecum is so thin sometimes the wind nearly knocks him over)

2013 Philadelphia Phillies Win/Loss Predictions

In an attempt to have things to look at when the season ends by making preseason predictions, I am going to publicly going through the Philadelphia Phillies entire season schedule and come up with what I think the series record will be. I was going to do it individually game by game which would be pointless because at this point it’s unclear who will even be pitching for them on Wednesday. The Phillies are my favorite team which is why I am doing it for them and nobody else. Let’s see if I predict the 82-80 record that I had in my previous standings predictions.

@ Atlanta: 1-2

vs. Kansas City: 2-1

vs. New York (NL): 2-1

@ Miami: 2-1

@ Cincinnati: 1-2

vs. St. Louis: 1-3

vs. Pittsburgh: 2-2

@ New York (NL): 1-2

@ Cleveland: 1-1

vs. Miami: 3-1

@ San Francisco: 0-3

@ Arizona: 2-2

vs. Cleveland: 2-0

vs. Cincinnati: 1-2

@ Miami: 2-1

@ Washington: 1-2

@ Boston: 1-1

vs. Boston: 2-0

vs. Milwaukee: 2-1

vs. Miami: 2-1

@ Milwaukee: 2-2

@ Minnesota: 2-1

@ Colorado: 3-0

vs. Washington: 0-3

vs. New York (NL): 1-2

@ San Diego: 3-0

@ LA (NL): 2-2

@ Pittsburgh: 1-2

vs. Atlanta: 2-1

vs. Washington: 2-2

vs. Chicago (AL): 2-1

@ New York (NL): 2-1

@ St. Louis: 1-2

@ Detroit: 0-3

vs. San Francisco: 1-2

vs. Atlanta: 2-1

vs. Chicago (NL): 3-0

@ Washington: 2-1

@ Atlanta: 1-2

vs. LA (NL): 2-1

vs. Colorado: 3-1

vs. Arizona: 2-1

@ New York (NL): 2-2

@ Chicago (NL): 2-1

vs. Washington: 1-2

vs. Atlanta: 2-1

vs. San Diego: 2-1

@ Washington: 1-2

vs. Miami: 3-0

vs. New York (NL): 2-1

@ Miami: 2-1

@ Atlanta: 3-1

After adding up my totals it appears as if I have them going 87-75 which is indeed possible. Since I am even more a stat junkie, I also want to add up the totals I have them going against teams in their own division. I think I may have given them a few too many wins against Atlanta. Let’s find out.

vs. Washington: 7-12 (The Nationals are going to be amazing this year. Last year the Phillies played poorly against them and I don’t see things changing much this season. A 7-12 record against the team I think will lose in the World Series isn’t that bad though, right?)

vs. Atlanta: 11-8 (The Phillies have played the Braves pretty well the last few seasons. It is very possible the Braves could struggle against them, especially later in the year when the Braves have a history of collapsing and the Phillies fight a little harder)

vs. New York (NL): 10-9 (The Phillies have struggled against the Mets recently. Even with the absence of RA Dickey I know the baseball gods will be cruel and make me suffer having to experience many losses to the Mets)

vs. Miami: 14-5 (The Marlins are going to suck this year. It doesn’t matter who is playing them. Everyone I’m playing fantasy baseball against this season and me could play on a team and still split the season against them)