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A Look at the Playoff Picture

The playoffs have begun and this is how it looks:

Round 1:

Miami Carlins #6 vs. Team Gold #3

Team Boyle #5 vs. Stone Cold #4

First Round Byes:

Jimmy Dean Vienna Sausages #1

Drunkin’ Drafters #2

There is also a consolation round, which has no real point to it so I’m not sure why they bother other than people who hold grudges or if some leagues hand out prizes. Or maybe some leagues do something bad to the person who finishes in last. Either way, it looks like I will have to beat Team Gold in the first round, Jimmy Dean Vienna Sausages in the second, and then take on a mystery team, hopefully Team Boyle because it would be fantastic if this came down to a family battle. However it turns out, let’s just hope I win.