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I Don’t Like To Be Touched

No actual fantasy baseball update other than it’s not looking well. I’ll give my usual full update tomorrow morning when I know for sure that I have terrible luck. Until then, here’s Adrian Beltre and Elvis Andrus misbehaving and enjoying themselves, something I don’t seem to be able to do with my team.


Good Managerial Decisions

Today in fantasy baseball I made my best managerial decision of the season so far. Both the Miami Carlins and Team Boyle had 2 starts left for this week. I elected instead of going with Mike Minor yesterday which was my first instinct and instead will pitch Yu Darvish Sunday night. The Texas Rangers in this first week have proven to be the difference in our scoring. Two poor starts by Matt Harrison, a near perfect game for Yu Darvish, as well as Nelson Cruz and Ian Kinsler starting for Miami Carlins with Joe Nathan in the bullpen while Adrian Beltre and David Murphy have been consistently starting for Team Boyle have made this first week based a lot on how the Rangers have done. Today was no different.

matt harrison

(The center of a tough managerial decision with a rooting interest)

In my Yahoo league, the Atlanta Slaves have been involved in the only two trades in the league. A week ago before the season started I traded Robinson Cano and Paul Konerko for Prince Fielder and Yoenis Cespedes. Thursday night I made yet another trade sending newly acquired Prince Fielder once again and Todd Frazier in exchange for Mark Trumbo and Hunter Pence. The trade was primarily for me to get Trumbo to start at third base. After losing Cano I had to move Martin Prado to second and third base had no clear cut starter other than Chase Headley who is on the disabled list. I already had Allen Craig and Lance Berkman to play first base for me as well as a few other players who can be plugged in. I also was hoping shipping Prince Fielder off could help the team I sent to him earn a few extra wins this week against a team calling themselves the “2012 Fantasy Champ.” Someone needs to check their calendar and stop living in the past. I hope Prince Fielder can knock them down a bit.

Prince Fielder hit two home runs his first day with his new team and Mark Trumbo had an 0/4 day. Today though when it mattered more to me in both leagues he came through.

One problem in fantasy baseball when playing in more than one league is you will be up against a team who has a player you have in your other league. This is the case for several players this week, although only one player on the Atlanta Slaves is also on Team Boyle, Matt Harrison. Using my intuition and vast baseball knowledge, I decided not to start Matt Harrison today for the Atlanta Slaves. He ended up pitching 5 innings, giving up 5 runs, striking out 3, and earning the loss. Helping to secure a Matt Harrison loss was my newest addition to the Atlanta Slaves, Mark Trumbo. He delivered his first hit for me, a two run home run in the first inning.

At the start of the day the Atlanta Slaves were ahead by quite a large margin in the different categories scores its points in. Unfortunately after a poor offensive showing by the team today, the score has gotten a little closer. The two leagues score completely differently though which at times has me rooting for players to do different things. In Yahoo we do not lose points for a strikeout. In the ESPN league it doesn’t matter if a guy goes 1 for 6 with a grand slam and no strikeouts. He still has had a great day fantasy baseball wise.

I still find the most difficult thing to do in fantasy baseball is actually managing the team. Jason Kubel is on both of my teams and hit a home run today. Unfortunately he had worse numbers than several other players on my teams against the opposing pitcher. Sometimes though you’re better off not really thinking about these things, but I cannot help it. What if I had sat the struggling Andrew McCutchen in favor of a lesser player like Jason Kubel? McCutchen was my first overall pick for the Miami Carlins and I think it would be silly to ever sit him when he’s playing.

So what is a good managerial decision? I would say it’s going with your first instinct. Hopefully this does not bite me tomorrow night when Yu Darvish takes the mound. Team Boyle is probably praying for a rain out, a heavier blister on Darvish’s finger, or that I show sympathy for the old man. You have a very good team dad and I hope you come in second place. We have one more day left of hating each other. I’m sorry I had to beat you this first week, but hey, I learned from the best.

fantasy baseball score april 6


One day to go. A 19 point lead. Two starts left to one start left. This is our family’s World Series. Will son defeat father?

Yu Darvish, You Tease

On April 2, 2013 Miami Carlins starting pitcher Yu Darvish made it until the 9th inning of his game against the Houston Astros perfect. He did not give up a single hit, a base on balls, and none of his teammates made any errors. With two outs in the 9th, Marwin Gonzalez singled up the middle to ruin the perfect game. Marwin Gonzalez cost me nearly 15 points with his one base hit. Marwin Gonzalez ruined my shot at taking an early lead in Week One.

marwin gonzalez


(Enjoy the 15 minutes Marwin. Maybe you can use the popularity to trade in the W for a V and get a real name)

I didn’t start paying attention to the game until sometime in the 5th when I noticed on the fantasy scoreboard that Darvish was racking up a lot of points for me. We lose a point for each screw up a pitcher has. Each hit, home run, walk, balk, wild pitch, and gives us negative points. I watched as Darvish’s number continued to rise. Other than innings pitched and strikeouts, there were goose-eggs. In only the second start of the season for the Miami Carlins, I was about to get a perfect game in the books.

As it stands, Team Boyle leads Miami Carlins 92-84. There is still plenty of time to catch up. Brandon Morrow will be going for the Carlins today while Hiroki Kuroda and Jeremy Hellickson will be taking the mound in dishonor of Team Boyle. How many weeks until he renames his team to something original? Is the man so selfish he must name them after himself? It’s not the New York Steinbrenners. Team Boyle is run by a selfish man.

In other league news, the Miami Carlins have agreed to the release of OF Colby Rasmus. After striking out three times and walking once, he earned negative two points for the team. When asked how it felt to be released  Rasmus would have said, “I probably deserved it. I’m not sure why I was even ranked so high in the league. I hit like what, .223 last season? I blame Tony LaRussa. I know he’s not around anymore, but he still has it out for me.”

Following his paranoid rant on Tony LaRussa following his every move, Rasmus claimed to have been aboard a hovercraft during the off-season and insisted that Stephan King shot John Lennon.

“Look at the pictures!” said Rasmus allegedly, “It’s clearly Stephan King. You’d have to be a mole person to not see it.”

To replace Rasmus, OF/1B/3B Matt Carpenter has been signed.

Other transactions around the league have continued. The Fuzzy Taints have remained indecisive on who is and is not allowed on the roster.

fuzzy taints more transactions

Could it be possible that The Fuzzy Taint’s owner has a split personality? Memory loss? Bad front office management? Insecurity? No knowledge about baseball?

“He’s probably a Bigfoot,” claimed former Miami Carlins outfielder Colby Rasmus continuing his paranoid ranting. “Bigfoots are very indecisive. One day they want to be called Yeti, the next it’s Abominable Snowman. Clearly that’s what we’re dealing with here. The Fuzzy Taints are run by a mythological beast from the Northwestern United States.”

Following the interview, Rasmus was put on a raft and sent out to sea where he can no longer strikeout way too often and ruin our fantasy baseball dreams.

Baseball Opening Day – Praise from Glen Macnow

Yesterday while listening to Sports Radio WIP based out of Philadelphia which I do way more than anyone probably should, a conversation came up between the hosts on my favorite show.

Host Anthony Gargano was complaining to fellow host Glen Macnow about baseball’s opening day and how it means nothing these days. Opening day is Sunday night, Easter Sunday for some reason, and it is a game between the Texas Rangers and the Houston Astros. The Rangers will be pretty good this season once again, but the Astros will have an epic season as far as terrible play is concerned. All sports fans whether you follow baseball or competitive eating is more your thing, can agree this is not a match-up that gets anyone interested.

Anthony and Glen came to the conclusion this was the choice because they are in-state rivals. Up until this season it would have been interleague play, but the Astros are now in the AL West which has causes a lot of pandemonium as far as opponent match-ups is concerned. Every night there will be interleague play this season since both leagues have 15 teams. That means on opening day an AL team will play an NL team and on the final day of the season this will happen again. All throughout the season there will be match-ups that don’t get anyone excited.

I knew this would always happen. When I was younger I envisioned it. In my school planner rather than writing down my homework I would write down fake baseball schedules with interleague games all-throughout. Maybe finally it’s paying off.

Anthony threw out a few other possibilities of opening day match-ups. He didn’t go with the one I thought was perfect, the Baltimore Orioles at the Washington Nationals. Here are a few reasons why:

1) It introduces interleague play from the start

2) It will be taking place in the nation’s capital which means Obama can show up and there might actually be some more hype to it

3) Both teams last year surprised everyone by making the playoffs for the first time in over 10 years (the Nationals technically never making it unless you consider them the Montreal Expos franchise which I do)

praise from glen macnow

Glen Macnow has always been kind enough to respond to me on Twitter whenever I have sent him my garbage opinions. I sent him my thoughts on this in less than 140 characters and he loved it! Then I sat by the computer for an hour hoping he would bring it up on the radio. He never did, but I have photographic evidence anyway. Him mentioning it through spoken word would have lasted only in a blip of time. This lasts forever. It made my day to have one of my favorite radio hosts not only pay attention to what I was saying, but to acknowledge it was a great idea.

Glen Macnow, thank you for entertaining me and other sports fans with your wit, humor, and knowledge of all sports not called soccer. You will probably never read this because I am too chicken to send it to you. It’s probably better that way. Howard Eskin would cry if he knew how much people like you more than they like him.