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2013 MLB Standing Projections

These are my projections for the 2013 MLB season. If you happen to disagree or would like to know why I chose the way I did then feel free to leave a comment. Of course I won’t be 100% because I didn’t match up schedules and all that stuff to even find out if this was possible.

AL East

Toronto Blue Jays W: 94 L: 68

Tampa Bay Rays W: 92 L: 70

Baltimore Orioles W: 83 L: 79

New York Yankees W: 79 L: 83

Boston Red Sox W: 75 L: 87

AL Central

Detroit Tigers W: 91 L: 71

Chicago White Sox W: 84 L: 78

Kansas City Royals W: 79 L: 83

Cleveland Indians W: 69 L: 93

Minnesota Twins W: 64 L: 98

AL West

Los Angeles Angels W: 86 L: 76

Texas Rangers W: 83 L: 79

Oakland Athletics W: 77 L: 85

Seattle Mariners W: 68 L: 94

Houston Astros W: 52 L: 110

NL East

Washington Nationals W: 96 L: 66

Atlanta Braves W: 85 L: 77

Philadelphia Phillies W: 82 L: 80

New York Mets W: 75 L: 87

Miami Marlins W: 68 L: 94

NL Central

Cincinnati Reds W: 92 L: 70

St. Louis Cardinals W: 87 L: 75

Milwaukee Brewers W: 84 L: 78

Pittsburgh Pirates W: 81 L: 81

Chicago Cubs W: 73 L: 89

NL West

Los Angeles Dodgers W: 89 L: 73

San Francisco Giants W: 88 L: 74

Arizona Diamondbacks W: 80 L: 82

Colorado Rockies W: 72 L: 90

San Diego Padres W: 71 L: 91


AL Wild Card: Tampa Bay defeats Chicago (AL)

NL Wild Card: San Francisco defeats St. Louis

Round 1:

Toronto defeats Tampa Bay (I’m pretty sure the new rules allows them to play each other in the first round)

Los Angeles (AL) defeats Detroit

Washington defeats San Francisco

Los Angeles (NL) defeats Cincinnati

Round 2:

Toronto defeats Los Angeles (AL)

Washington defeats Los Angeles (NL)

World Series:

Toronto defeats Washington in 6



Teams to Avoid

In my last post I mentioned teams I thought would do well enough this season offensively that picking players from these teams would be helpful because of the offense around them. Today I am doing the complete opposite. There are a few teams out there who offensively appear to be so bad it will rub off on the rest of the team. Call it some crazy theory, but picking players from the following teams may do more harm than you will ever bargain for.

Miami Marlins


The namesake of my fantasy team, the Marlins historically screwed South Florida by trading away Mark Buehrle, Jose Reyes, and Josh Johnson to the Blue Jays for two pears, a Canadian penny, and a bag of used diabetes socks. Giancarlo “Don’t Call Me Mike” Stanton will be heading up this lineup with nearly nothing around him. Nobody expects the Marlins to do a single thing this season. They might be so bad they will finish 6th in the NL East. This may appear mathematically impossible, but we thought the same thing about a team trading away its core.

Houston Astros


This team looks to be historically bad. Shakespeare has considered rising from the dead to write a tragedy about them. The only name players they have in their lineup are Jed Lowrie and Carlos Pena. The rest of the team will be randomly picked from the stands. It’s been a while since the Astros were anything to brag about and things do not look to be getting much better. A move to the American League West, you know, the division with the Angels, Athletics, and Rangers who all made the playoffs last season, WILL prove disastrous for Houston.

New York Mets


The only positive to take away from the Mets’ lineup is that these players have been together for a while already. Unfortunately this is baseball where teamwork means less than the other sports. David Wright is the only shining star in this lineup as has been the case for some time now. The only way the Mets have a chance at putting up good offensive numbers this year is if they move the CitiField outfield walls in another 150 feet.