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Toronto Blue Jays 2013 Pitching Rotation Thus Far

The Toronto Blue Jays went into 2013 with high hopes,

They added new players, including some veterans to show the younger guys the ropes.

Beginning this season their offensive was the envy of the league,

It brought the casual fan some intrigue.

The Vegas favorites to win it all,

A parade down their main street was already scheduled for this fall.

Thus far this season the pitching staff has given little reason

To root for this team might even seem

As if you are front-running

And even still, I find their pitching staff on paper quite stunning.

R.A. Dickey is their ace, he finished last season with great stats,

This season however, he’s up against some bigger bats.

Oh and two with an era at almost nine,

Things in Toronto are not looking fine.

Brandon Morrow pitched well during his first start this season,

His second however, he could be accused of treason.

Morrow’s ERA is still under six,

From the Miami Carlins team, I will not tell him yet to hit the bricks.

Mark Buehrle is next in this outstanding roster,

He has not been himself, I think it’s an impostor.

An earned run average over 10 is never good for anyone,

Could Buehrle’s time as a top flight pitcher already be done?

Josh Johnson is next, he had pitched well for the Marlins,

Luckily this week he’s going up against the enemy of the Carlins.

Si Hurricanes has him in their lineup you see,

He left after less than two innings and will most luckily earn the points, negative 1 then 3.

Finally there’s J.A. Happ, the team’s fifth starter,

He gave up no runs and is on his way to being a charter

Member of the rotation, one which has not lived up to the hype,

How long is it now before all of Canada begins to gripe?

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(Josh Johnson, R.A. Dickey, Mark Buehrle, Brandon Morrow, and Ricky Romero who is not mentioned in this poem as he is not currently in the rotation)