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A Look at the Playoff Picture

The playoffs have begun and this is how it looks:

Round 1:

Miami Carlins #6 vs. Team Gold #3

Team Boyle #5 vs. Stone Cold #4

First Round Byes:

Jimmy Dean Vienna Sausages #1

Drunkin’ Drafters #2

There is also a consolation round, which has no real point to it so I’m not sure why they bother other than people who hold grudges or if some leagues hand out prizes. Or maybe some leagues do something bad to the person who finishes in last. Either way, it looks like I will have to beat Team Gold in the first round, Jimmy Dean Vienna Sausages in the second, and then take on a mystery team, hopefully Team Boyle because it would be fantastic if this came down to a family battle. However it turns out, let’s just hope I win.


Week 22 Results

As fatalistically predicted, the Miami Carlins suffered a traumatic loss at the hands of Stone Cold, 309-261. The playoffs have already begun with the Carlins in the sixth and final playoff spot. Pretty amazing considering a win in Week 22 would have given America’s Favorite Fantasy Baseball team a first round bye. That shows you just how close this is.

Player of the Week goes to Cole Hamels with 55 points. Enemy of the Week goes to Ryan Zimmerman who notched 31 points. Disappointment of the Week goes to Yu Darvish with -2 points. Wade Miley had a -10 performance, but at this point I expect negativity from people with the name Miley.

miley-cyrus-billboard-mid-year-awards-nominee(I dare her to name one other player from the Chicago Bulls ever)

Let’s announce some scores from around the league:

Houston Asterisks beat Cecil Cantrell in a meaningless game, 302-270

Team Boyle snuck into the playoffs with a win over Jimmy Dean Vienna Sausages, 303-262

Team Gold knocked The Fuzzy Taints’ chances at making the post season by beating them 283-212

Drunkin’ Drafters got lucky and faced Si Hurricanes in the final week, giving them a first round bye after a 227-151 victory

I will get to the playoff picture in another post as it will up my blog stats, slightly. Let’s instead give a brief announcement for the Atlanta Slaves:

The Atlanta Slaves finished the regular season in 2nd place. It was a tight battle between the top 3 spots and the 4th and final playoff position came down to a half game victory. It will take only two wins to become the league champion where I will win a ring. Just what I want, this guy after me.


The Miami Carlins finished with a pitiful 11-11 record after a tremendous 5-0 start. Blame can be placed on Nelson Cruz and Jhonny Peralta. Blame will not be placed on them though as it always comes down to the manager, me. All this means now is that we are the underdogs.

A Brief Update

I knew this week would be easy and it has been. The Miami Carlins lead the Houston Asterisks 203-121. This may actually end up being the Carlins’ worst week as far as points are concerned when everything is all said and done. There were few games Monday and the offense overall has struggled. My lack of updates this week have to do with me being on an abnormal schedule and the lack of competition. Maybe I’ve also been lazy and focused on other things. Who cares? The Carlins should be above .500 again soon enough.

I’m Hungry, I’m Tired, and I Need Caffeine

81-62 is the score right now in favor of The Fuzzy Taints. This lead may look pretty large and it is a decent lead. It makes me begin to sweat when I think about it. Then I remember, I’ve only used one start this week and he’s used two. A 19 point pitching performance makes this thing completely even. The week is young still. There is plenty of time to catch up.

I’ve noticed lately I have been over-thinking things. In life in general I do this and now it’s the same with fantasy baseball. Rather than rarely make lineup changes, I’ve been doing it a lot more often. I’m constantly seeing guys like Torii Hunter and Daniel Nava on my bench play well and when I get the courage to put them into the lineup they don’t do much at all. I need to stick with a plan. Either I go off Batter vs. Pitcher stats or I go off overall. Sometimes this works out. There have been days I’ve started someone who has great numbers against a pitcher and it has worked out. There have been days I’ve benched a guy like Nelson Cruz who career is 0 for 12 against a guy and he’s finished with -2 points.

Or maybe the problem is I shouldn’t kick myself when things go wrong. After all, this is only fantasy baseball. Unlike life, it eventually ends. Okay, bad example. Life ends too. I may need to start doing a few Bush League moves though and take a risk in the league. I haven’t decided yet if my dignity is worth it. Hell, I haven’t decided whether or not I have dignity. We’ll see.

Sorry for the lameness of this post. I’m hungry, I’m tired, and I need caffeine.

ddmaria419(I’m hoping to go here and praying to see her)

Picking Players Based On Team – Offense

One fantasy draft strategy a person can consider is picking players based on what team they play for. Personally I believe this is a strategy that can work. Factoring in ballpark, the team’s lineup, the team’s bullpen and other things, you can make decisions on those late round draft picks without having a clue as to who the guy even is.

Top 3 Offensive Teams

When choosing position players you want the most well-rounded you can get. You want someone who hits for average, power, and knocks in a lot of runs. Sorry for stating the obvious, but I needed some sort of introduction here.

Guys like Ryan Braun, Albert Pujols, and Miguel Cabrera have consistently hit for average and power. They are much more valuable than say a Ryan Howard who will hit 40 home runs with a .255 average or a Jose Reyes who will hit .330 but only hit 10 home runs and knock in around 60. When the later draft rounds come, and they will come, pick players from these teams:

Toronto Blue Jays


They are the Vegas favorites this season and the American League team I will be pulling for. Their projected lineup looks to be something from the early 90s Blue Jays days with potential league leaders in several categories. I don’t believe they will win it all but surely their offensive numbers will jump up for just about everyone. There’s no more pitching around Jose Bautista. I expect him to have another fine season as long as he stays healthy.

Overlooked Player: Catcher J.P. Arencibia

He may not be the best catcher to take, but as a backup he should do more than most, especially if the Blue Jays live up to the hype.

Washington Nationals


For the most part they are the Blue Jays of the National League. They are well-rounded in many ways. Their ballpark isn’t particularly for hitters however unless you’re in Colorado or San Diego that rarely makes much of a difference. With 36 games against the Mets and Marlins, expect much of this lineup to put up big numbers.

Overlooked Player: Short Stop Ian Desmond

Short stops are not as good as they used to be. Desmond will supplement what was only for a short time a nice offensive position. He jumps around the lineup a bit which may hurt him. Other than that, Desmond could be a good starting SS for any team.

Arizona Diamondbacks


Rather than go with the Rockies here or even the Anaheim Angels, I decided to pick the Diamondbacks. The big outfield in Arizona has supplied many hitters with a few more doubles than home runs they deserved at times, but the positive is down the right and left field lines. With the absence of Justin Upton this year, others will have a chance to step up. The team is young and right now in baseball young is good. There are no Mike Trouts or Bryce Harpers on the team. Still, guys like Jason Kubel, Cody Ross, or youngster Adam Eaton (no relation to the pitcher, I hope) may have a few more pounds to their slugging percentage.

Overlooked Player: First Baseman Paul Goldschmidt

Maybe not the first baseman of everybody’s dreams, Goldschmidt is still a viable candidate to put up some big offensive numbers. Look to add him as a back-up or as a starter if you somehow forget about getting someone like Prince Fielder.

2013 Draft

The 2013 Draft for my fantasy baseball team will be taking place in less than 2 weeks. I should probably find out the exact date, but that is not how the Miami Carlins do things. We are champions and we laugh at preparing. We do not practice. We do not learn rules. We are champions because we were born them.

Since this is my first blog post here maybe it’s important I mention a little about myself or introduce a little background behind the purpose of this blog.

Myself: My name is Tim, I’m 25, and nothing ever seems to go my way.

Purpose of this blog: The purpose is to chronicle the 2013 Fantasy Baseball Season. I joined a league with my dad and his coworkers along with a friend of mine. More so, I’m writing this blog because I feel it will give me more “serious” writing samples as opposed to my other blogs where I write about being neurotic or kid’s television programming. You can find links to think blogs on the right side of the page if you ever feel so inclined.

This blog however will be incredibly niche and I hope very entertaining for baseball fans and any fantasy players who happen to stumble upon it. Follow along as you my team marches on to victory. Will we be the bad guys? Will we be the underdogs who make a last second push? One thing is for certain, I already signed up and there’s no getting out of this.

miami carlins

(The Official Unofficial Miami Carlins fantasy baseball team logo)