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One-Hitters, Double Plays, and Errors

Here are some statistics from this week for the Miami Carlins that will make you wonder how we have gone this long without losing.

Grounded into Double Plays: 9! 9 double plays have been hit by the Carlins. 4 of them belong to Pablo Sandoval.

Errors: 5! 5 errors made by the Carlins. 3 of them belong to Ian Kinsler, 2 of them yesterday alone.

Strikeouts: 33! I’m not sure if this is normal or not, but the fact that it’s tied with the amount of singles we have this week, I’m a little disappointed.

Walks for Pitchers: 23! This isn’t so bad except for the fact there are 38 strikeouts for these same men. That’s better than a 1:2 ratio which is terrible.

I want to gut the entire team. We had this week won. In the words of Adele which were probably written by someone else, “We could have had it all.” The biggest match-up of the season ruined not because of lack of playing well, but because of screwing up.

It didn’t help that yesterday Adam Wainwright earned 39 points with a complete game one-hit shutout and Madison Baumgartner had a great game as well. Jimmy Dean Vienna Sausages originally had Jonathan Niese on the team who if started would have earned around -10 points after his start yesterday. I applaud Jimmy Dean Vienna Sausages for the move to get rid of the New York Mets pitcher Niese. Really, I do.

I’ve kept quiet most of the week about Evan Longoria who has been the main offense for JDVS. Without him the score would be much closer. In fact, between he and Ian Desmond, they’ve put up more than the lead JDVS has over the Miami Carlins. Longoria makes senses. He’s always a great player when he isn’t the American League’s version of Ryan Zimmerman getting hurt constantly.

In the final day of this match-up, Jimmy Dean Vienna Sausages leads 290-244. As cynical as I may seem, this is still plausible to come back from. Nobody will be starting for JDVS and the Miami Carlins will have Ryan Dempster pitching. Dempster will be pitching against the Toronto Blue Jays whose team average (including Jose Reyes) is .178. A big day from Dempster, a big day from the struggling offense, maybe a blown save and a loss for Sergio Romo in the JDVS bullpen, I may be able to come from behind and take back what’s mine.

ryan dempster


(Ryan Dempster, if you pitch a perfect game I will buy you a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card)


Picking Players Based On Team – Offense

One fantasy draft strategy a person can consider is picking players based on what team they play for. Personally I believe this is a strategy that can work. Factoring in ballpark, the team’s lineup, the team’s bullpen and other things, you can make decisions on those late round draft picks without having a clue as to who the guy even is.

Top 3 Offensive Teams

When choosing position players you want the most well-rounded you can get. You want someone who hits for average, power, and knocks in a lot of runs. Sorry for stating the obvious, but I needed some sort of introduction here.

Guys like Ryan Braun, Albert Pujols, and Miguel Cabrera have consistently hit for average and power. They are much more valuable than say a Ryan Howard who will hit 40 home runs with a .255 average or a Jose Reyes who will hit .330 but only hit 10 home runs and knock in around 60. When the later draft rounds come, and they will come, pick players from these teams:

Toronto Blue Jays


They are the Vegas favorites this season and the American League team I will be pulling for. Their projected lineup looks to be something from the early 90s Blue Jays days with potential league leaders in several categories. I don’t believe they will win it all but surely their offensive numbers will jump up for just about everyone. There’s no more pitching around Jose Bautista. I expect him to have another fine season as long as he stays healthy.

Overlooked Player: Catcher J.P. Arencibia

He may not be the best catcher to take, but as a backup he should do more than most, especially if the Blue Jays live up to the hype.

Washington Nationals


For the most part they are the Blue Jays of the National League. They are well-rounded in many ways. Their ballpark isn’t particularly for hitters however unless you’re in Colorado or San Diego that rarely makes much of a difference. With 36 games against the Mets and Marlins, expect much of this lineup to put up big numbers.

Overlooked Player: Short Stop Ian Desmond

Short stops are not as good as they used to be. Desmond will supplement what was only for a short time a nice offensive position. He jumps around the lineup a bit which may hurt him. Other than that, Desmond could be a good starting SS for any team.

Arizona Diamondbacks


Rather than go with the Rockies here or even the Anaheim Angels, I decided to pick the Diamondbacks. The big outfield in Arizona has supplied many hitters with a few more doubles than home runs they deserved at times, but the positive is down the right and left field lines. With the absence of Justin Upton this year, others will have a chance to step up. The team is young and right now in baseball young is good. There are no Mike Trouts or Bryce Harpers on the team. Still, guys like Jason Kubel, Cody Ross, or youngster Adam Eaton (no relation to the pitcher, I hope) may have a few more pounds to their slugging percentage.

Overlooked Player: First Baseman Paul Goldschmidt

Maybe not the first baseman of everybody’s dreams, Goldschmidt is still a viable candidate to put up some big offensive numbers. Look to add him as a back-up or as a starter if you somehow forget about getting someone like Prince Fielder.