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Curious, I decided to see what the Carlins pitching record was this week. The answer, 3-10. A win for Matt Moore, Yu Darvish, and Jake Westbrook each. A single loss for Jacob Turner, Grant Balfour, Joe Nathan, Mike Minor, Cole Hamels, and Jhoulys Chacin. Two losses each for Jordan Zimmermann and John Lackey.

What does this mean? It means that if the Miami Carlins can pull off a victory this week we have the offense to thank. The pitching was a strength at the beginning of the season, but lately has been a weakness.

To add insult to injury, Chris Archer has already pitched a shutout today for Team Gold. Hanley Ramirez has been the offensive weapon with a total of 43 points so far. Even with 10 strikeouts and 2 errors Ramirez has been having a monster week. And by monster I mean I hope he gets shot by helicopters while climbing a large building.

king kong(I don’t think there are too many buildings this high in Los Angeles for Ramirez to climb. Unfortunately they make everything as far away from each other as possible. Damn earthquakes)

This extended week has seen the Carlins hit 16 home runs so far. We are at the point in the season where home runs come easier and pitchers turn into Omar Daal. I don’t mean to single Omar Daal out, he’s just my go-to name whenever I need a crappy pitcher to name.

A Slow Upward Climb

The Miami Carlins made up some ground yesterday. It wasn’t much, but 5 points is still 5 points. The score is still 111-97, in favor of The Fuzzy Taints thanks mostly to a 22 point performance by Jake Westbrook.

“After my first time pitching for the Carlins when I put up a pathetic 0 points, it feels good to be someone who actually participates in a positive way,” said Westbrook. “I’ve heard murmurs what happens to guys who continually pitch poorly. I’ve heard you get traded to the Houston Asterisks.”

Today things will pick up greatly. Jordan Zimmermann, Mike Minor, and Matt Moore will all be pitching for the Carlins. John Lackey is also available to pitch, but I won’t throw him out there. He has poor numbers against the team he’s pitching against and it’s also the Detroit Tigers. I have had a history of playing pitchers against the Tigers. I would like to avoid it as much as I can.

By this time tomorrow the Miami Carlins should be in the lead. If we’re not, the situation will become very dire. I’m still not completely satisfied with the pitching match-ups other than Mike Minor against the Mets. Matt Moore goes against the Yankees and Jordan Zimmermann goes against the Rockies, thankfully in Washington, not Colorado.

“When you start the week off trailing, it’s a slow upward climb,” said Carlins 1B/OF Allen Craig. “You know, like me this season and my only 6 home runs. Wasn’t I drafted in like the 6th round? I really should stop being a singles hitter.”

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