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Move Along, Not Much to See Here

Back in the 1800s and early 1900s, police officers were instructed to say “Move along, nothing to see here” whenever people got nosy and tried to watch them work. The same can be said about this week of fantasy baseball. The Carlins have a 91-71 lead over Drunkin’ Drafters, and this is about what the score should be. Drunkin’ Drafters used one start, one by Alex Cobb and earned -1 points from it. The Carlins used two starts. One was by Cole Hamels that earned 14 points and the other was by Tony Cingrani which earned 23.

The only peak performer on either team comes in the form of Jose Bautista for the Drunkin’ Drafters who has already hit three home runs this week. Bautista might be one of my favorite players of all-time. He has never been linked to steroids and still somehow “Brady Andersoned” his career and is now a pure home run hitter with some average. He’s cocky too in a good way. Two seasons ago I remember someone saying he wouldn’t repeat his home run tear. The first game of the season he went deep. He said, “One game, one home run.” He did the same thing the next night.

Jose Bautista is Canada’s baseball player. When I went to Toronto two years ago, he was all anyone cared about. He’s also the guy on the cover of the Canadian version of baseball video games. I’m not sure how much they care about baseball in places like Vancouver or Edmonton, but Bautista is a Canadian Baseball God. I’m happy for the guy. In an old baseball video game I used to have, MVP 2005, whenever Travis Chapman would come up to bat they would call him Jose Bautista. I might be the only person who remembers this mistake. It’s a good mistake to remember. I can now see there is some justice in this world.

jose bautista

Justin Verlander and James Shields will pitch today for Drunkin’ Drafters. Nobody takes the mound for the Carlins so more than likely the lead will be lost. The only positive is that Verlander and Shields are pitching against each other so like Highlanders, there can only be one winner.


2013 MLB Standing Projections

These are my projections for the 2013 MLB season. If you happen to disagree or would like to know why I chose the way I did then feel free to leave a comment. Of course I won’t be 100% because I didn’t match up schedules and all that stuff to even find out if this was possible.

AL East

Toronto Blue Jays W: 94 L: 68

Tampa Bay Rays W: 92 L: 70

Baltimore Orioles W: 83 L: 79

New York Yankees W: 79 L: 83

Boston Red Sox W: 75 L: 87

AL Central

Detroit Tigers W: 91 L: 71

Chicago White Sox W: 84 L: 78

Kansas City Royals W: 79 L: 83

Cleveland Indians W: 69 L: 93

Minnesota Twins W: 64 L: 98

AL West

Los Angeles Angels W: 86 L: 76

Texas Rangers W: 83 L: 79

Oakland Athletics W: 77 L: 85

Seattle Mariners W: 68 L: 94

Houston Astros W: 52 L: 110

NL East

Washington Nationals W: 96 L: 66

Atlanta Braves W: 85 L: 77

Philadelphia Phillies W: 82 L: 80

New York Mets W: 75 L: 87

Miami Marlins W: 68 L: 94

NL Central

Cincinnati Reds W: 92 L: 70

St. Louis Cardinals W: 87 L: 75

Milwaukee Brewers W: 84 L: 78

Pittsburgh Pirates W: 81 L: 81

Chicago Cubs W: 73 L: 89

NL West

Los Angeles Dodgers W: 89 L: 73

San Francisco Giants W: 88 L: 74

Arizona Diamondbacks W: 80 L: 82

Colorado Rockies W: 72 L: 90

San Diego Padres W: 71 L: 91


AL Wild Card: Tampa Bay defeats Chicago (AL)

NL Wild Card: San Francisco defeats St. Louis

Round 1:

Toronto defeats Tampa Bay (I’m pretty sure the new rules allows them to play each other in the first round)

Los Angeles (AL) defeats Detroit

Washington defeats San Francisco

Los Angeles (NL) defeats Cincinnati

Round 2:

Toronto defeats Los Angeles (AL)

Washington defeats Los Angeles (NL)

World Series:

Toronto defeats Washington in 6