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So Much Depends on the Weather

The Miami Carlins are close to being eliminated this week. One of the big reasons is because last night there was a long rain delay in Minnesota during Matt Moore’s start. Moore had been cruising before God intervened and poured down liquid hate from the sky. Moore only ended up pitching 3 innings, not even enough to pick up the win.

On the final day of the first round of the playoffs, the Miami Carlins trail Team Gold (am I really going to lose to a team with that name???) 278-241. It’s not completely over as Jordan Zimmermann pitches for the Carlins and Chris Sale pitches for Team Gold and apparently there is rain in the forecast in Cleveland, a team that Sale is 0-3 against this season anyway. The chance to continue playing fantasy baseball games that count is limited and I’m going to need my offensive to pick up the slack today. Allen Craig’s injury has hurt as well as the fall from grace Carlos Gomez has had. Most of all the team’s pitching hasn’t been consistent down the stretch. Oh well. At least my fantasy football team the Cleveland Drowns are already in first place.

cleveland drowns


“Don’t Get Cocky Kid” – Han Solo

At one point during the Star Wars Trilogy, Luke Skywalker started shooting a bunch of storm troopers. These storm troopers probably had families and people who cared about them. As he killed each, he let out a wild laugh/yell. Han Solo turned to him and told him not to be so cocky. I’m in a similar position this week against my opponent Stone Cold. Tallying up Monday, Tuesday, and a few games today, the score is 86-69. Now why am I getting cocky? Because Stone Cold has used 3 of their 7 starts. The Miami Carlins haven’t used any.

han solo

The Carlin’s pitching has been inconsistent of late and I’ve been over that already. Today Matt Moore went on the disabled list which is a huge setback for the team, especially with how well he had been pitching minus his most recent start on Sunday. It looked for a while like I wouldn’t have to have a revolving door of starting pitchers, but now I am have to. Sam Dedundo of the Minnesota Twins who has been pitching well of late was signed to replace Moore in the interim. He pitches tomorrow against the Houston Astros, something that from a distance looks like a sure thing.

So why the Carlins winning by so much this week? First, Grant Balfour and Joe Nathan have made up for being so terrible last week. Second, Freddie Freeman’s two home runs yesterday. Even today Torii Hunter, while on the bench, tacked on 15 points. The Carlins by far have the best offensive team. Even with the possible loss of Jhonny Peralta and Nelson Cruz to season ending suspensions the team has Pablo Sandoval, Jayson Werth, and Torii Hunter who can easily step in, all three of whom deserve more playing time anyway.

So why has Stone Cold stunk? Okay, maybe they haven’t stunk. That’s a harsh word. Looking over their stats for this week, it’s pretty average. The big difference right now is that the Carlins have gotten 29 points from their three closers; Grant Balfour, Joe Nathan, and Jim Henderson who earned two saves yesterday.

Things can of course change. Mike Minor pitches for the Carlins tonight as does Corey Kluber making his Miami Carlins debut. As long as they pitch to their average we should be good. A bye week is really important to me right now, possibly more important than anything else. That includes life an being kind to my fellow man. I spend way too much time on this time to fail. Ugh I’m too cocky.


I have been so busy with work that I didn’t get a chance to check what was going on with the Miami Carlins. The fright when I finally did see the results still has me scared stiff.

The Miami Carlins lost their lead to Team Gold. Still, it’s close. Real close. 359-352 close. Both teams have used 11 of their 14 starts too. An extra save can change things. Or you know, a not blown save which I am starting to feel may come back to bite me.

For the Carlins Yu Darvish, Jhoulys Chacin, and Matt Moore will still pitch. Team Gold will toss Chris Sale, Chris Archer, and Jose Fernandez on the mound. If we got bonus points for having pitchers with funny names the Carlins would win. We don’t though. That’s too subjective.

hiram(Hiram Bocachica, the greatest name ever)

Also please check out something I wrote for Yahoo.

A Big Day

Yesterday was a big day for the Miami Carlins. After a poor pitching performance by team captain Jordan Zimmermann, the rest of the team decided to get some retribution. Andrew McCutchen and Jayson Werth both hit two home runs, Yu Darvish came off the disabled list and pitched well, and Matt Moore earned a 35 point shutout. The offense put up a total of 51 points while the pitching contributed 72 for a total of 123. As we sit right now, the Miami Carlins lead Team Gold 238-122.

Nelson Cruz and Torii Hunter also hit home runs yesterday with Joe Nathan and Grant Balfour earning clean saves.

The Carlins have used 8 of their 14 starts this week while Team Gold has only used 4. The lead we have still looks to be large enough to ride onto victory. This week of course takes place over the course of 10 days and there’s plenty more baseball left to play. I feel almost every day I have some cliche phrase like that to say. There is nothign else here to report other than everything went right for the Carlins yesterday.

matt moore smile(It’s good Matt Moore has such a thick smile. Any thinner and his eyebrows would be larger than his grin)

Two More Miami Carlins All-Stars

The honors keep coming. It was announced today that SP Matt Moore will be replacing SP Yu Darvish on the American League roster due to Darvish’s injury. Of course, I was smart enough to draft them both.

In even shocking news, Freddie Freeman beat out Yasiel Puig for the final vote. I’m hoping this is my first true omen of the season. Freeman is a Miami Carlin while Puig plays for Jimmy Dean Vienna Sausages. Freeman beat out Puig. Will the Carlins beat out Jimmy Dean Vienna Sausages? The score is currently 192-137 with Madison Bumgartner currently on the mound for Jimmy Dean Vienna Sausages. It’s a good lead so far, but with only two starts left compared to JDVS who have four left, there are still no guarantees.

MLB: New York Mets at Atlanta Braves(Freddie Freeman, All-Star first baseman and bongo)

Week 14 Results

Back-to-back wins for the Miami Carlins! Sure, the first was against a team with 3 wins this season and this week was against a team with 2 wins, but it still feels right and the way things should be. The final score was in Week 14 was Miami Carlins over the Si Hurricanes 317-157. Si Hurricanes gave up halfway through the week. Certainly though 317 points is nothing to scoff about. The Miami Carlins are back to their high scoring ways. And this week coming up, we will need it.

Player of the Week honors go to Matt Moore who earned 51 points for the team. Disappointment of the Week goes to Jhonny Peralta who earned 2 points. Peralta has seen a lot of starting time at short stop lately and this week was the first he let me down. Enemy of the Week goes to Bud Norris. Nobody on the Si Hurricanes scored very high. Considering Norris scored the most and happens to be a pitcher on the worst pitching staff in baseball, I have reason enough to hate him.

Now for some scores from around the league:

Team Boyle beat Stone Cold 320-226

The Fuzzy Taints showed no mercy against Cecil Cantrell, picking up a 363-174 win

Drunkin’ Drafters had little problems beating Team Gold with a final score of 290-229

And in shocking fashion, Jimmy Dean Vienna Sausages barely held on to beat Houston Asterisks 313-306

The playoff picture in the league is changing and will continue to. Four teams are tied with the second best record at 8-6. It’s an all-out battle between The Fuzzy Taints and the Miami Carlins for the second place bye week. Team Gold and Stone Cold will be the ones looking to get the second place spot in the East Division. For the Si Hurricanes and Houston Asterisks, all they can really do is play spoiler. Drunkin’ Drafters and Cecil Cantrell are on the edge of a playoff spot and have the opportunity to either go up or down now. It’s looking to be an edge of your seat finale.

Now for some Atlanta Slaves news:

The Atlanta Slaves lost a few games in the standings, but they did move up to 2nd place. Of course, moving up to 2nd place means nothing because 2nd and 3rd play each other and there’s no home field advantage. Things in that league have spread out a bit more and the Atlanta Slaves are the only team continuing to keep pace.

This upcoming week the Miami Carlins will be playing Jimmy Dean Vienna Sausages. If we took the scores from this week, we will have a win. It’s a very vital week, especially because The Fuzzy Taints play the Si Hurricanes. A loss by the Miami Carlins and a win for The Fuzzy Taints knocks my team out of first place in the division. We’re going to have to remember to say our prayers and take our vitamins this week. The season could be on the line.

97q/42/hepp/9065/04(These kids are on Team Carlins)

Fireworks, Hot Dogs, and Optimism

We are far enough into the baseball week to see where things are headed. It’s Thursday and the Miami Carlins lead 125-122. Now this may not look like a drastic lead. My optimism comes from the fact the Carlins have used 3 starts this week and the Si Hurricanes have already used 4. Things are looking good and we may have a winning streak going.

Thus far this week, the pitching star has been Matt Moore and the offensive star is Matt Carpenter. Moore who missed a few starts a month ago and Carpenter whose job was in jeopardy after the return of Pablo Sandoval from the disabled list are back to having good standing with management.

Pablo Sandoval was originally expected to start today at third base, having a career 7 for 10 against Cincinnati Reds pitcher Mike Leake. When I realized the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest was on television, I decided it was better not to put him in the lineup. Sandoval will waste all of his energy masturbating to the hot dogs on TV. Instead the earlier mentioned Carpenter will continue to start at third base until Sandoval gets more productive or loses 150 pounds.

Neither team in this match-up has a starting pitcher going today. Tomorrow Jake Westbrook goes for the Carlins and Gio Gonzalez may possibly go for the Si Hurricanes.

In other news, the upset of the century could be happening. After encouragement and guidance from yours truly, the Houston Asterisks made a few roster changes and are having a big week thanks mostly to Homer Bailey’s no-hitter. The Asterisks currently have a 171-144 lead over the once defeated Jimmy Dean Vienna Sausages. This of course means nothing good for the Carlins as Jimmy Dean Vienna Sausages will most likely get the Number One Seed and a Houston Asterisks win just makes one more person in the West Division to worry about. Yikes.

homer bailey no hitter