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Another Quick Lead

After the first day of games this week, the Miami Carlins had a 56-3 lead over The Fuzzy Taints. After day two, the lead diminished only by 5 points. The current score is 108-60 in favor of America’s Fantasy Baseball Team, the Miami Carlins.

It wasn’t so much Fuzzy Taints management that screwed these first two days up. Toni Cingrani pitched great but was issued a no decision. Ross Detweiler and RA Dickey took losses to each receive only 6 points. The “RD-RD Boys” as they have called themselves in an attempt to be clever combined for only a dozen points, nearly wasting two starts. Worst of all was AJ Griffin who on Monday ended the day with -6 points.

“I’m an adult and I go by the name AJ,” said Griffin yesterday before Tuesday’s contests. “It’s kind of a hint that I’m not going to pitch very well.”

On the Miami Carlins side of things everything has been peachy. Matt Moore pitched Monday and leads the team with 31 points. Yesterday, Mike Minor and Cole Hamels earned 18 and 17 respectfully. Hamels was the hard-luck loser, but still earned more points than some winning pitchers will.

Offensively Nelson Cruz leads the way with 12 points. Allen Craig isn’t too far behind with 8 which is great because Craig has struggled for much of this season.

“It always takes me a little while to get warmed up,” says Craig. “Just ask my wife!”

We tried contacting Craig’s wife and it turns out he is unmarried. Craig is undergoing a psychological test later today to see if he is indeed imagining a different life for himself off the field which could be a reason behind his struggles.

“It was a joke!” yelled Craig as he was dragged away whilst in a straight-jacket.


(Really shouldn’t it have been his bat pictured here?)

Today Yu Darvish takes the mound for the Carlins. Brandon Morrow is scheduled to pitch, but was asked to sit this one out and watch how a real man pitches, Yu Darvish.

I would also like to point out that in only 3 “games” I have won all three. In 21 games, the Miami Marlins have won 5 games. That’s not so much a compliment to myself as it is the realization of just how bad they are.


Toronto Blue Jays 2013 Pitching Rotation Thus Far

The Toronto Blue Jays went into 2013 with high hopes,

They added new players, including some veterans to show the younger guys the ropes.

Beginning this season their offensive was the envy of the league,

It brought the casual fan some intrigue.

The Vegas favorites to win it all,

A parade down their main street was already scheduled for this fall.

Thus far this season the pitching staff has given little reason

To root for this team might even seem

As if you are front-running

And even still, I find their pitching staff on paper quite stunning.

R.A. Dickey is their ace, he finished last season with great stats,

This season however, he’s up against some bigger bats.

Oh and two with an era at almost nine,

Things in Toronto are not looking fine.

Brandon Morrow pitched well during his first start this season,

His second however, he could be accused of treason.

Morrow’s ERA is still under six,

From the Miami Carlins team, I will not tell him yet to hit the bricks.

Mark Buehrle is next in this outstanding roster,

He has not been himself, I think it’s an impostor.

An earned run average over 10 is never good for anyone,

Could Buehrle’s time as a top flight pitcher already be done?

Josh Johnson is next, he had pitched well for the Marlins,

Luckily this week he’s going up against the enemy of the Carlins.

Si Hurricanes has him in their lineup you see,

He left after less than two innings and will most luckily earn the points, negative 1 then 3.

Finally there’s J.A. Happ, the team’s fifth starter,

He gave up no runs and is on his way to being a charter

Member of the rotation, one which has not lived up to the hype,

How long is it now before all of Canada begins to gripe?

blue jays pitchers


(Josh Johnson, R.A. Dickey, Mark Buehrle, Brandon Morrow, and Ricky Romero who is not mentioned in this poem as he is not currently in the rotation)

2013 Philadelphia Phillies Win/Loss Predictions

In an attempt to have things to look at when the season ends by making preseason predictions, I am going to publicly going through the Philadelphia Phillies entire season schedule and come up with what I think the series record will be. I was going to do it individually game by game which would be pointless because at this point it’s unclear who will even be pitching for them on Wednesday. The Phillies are my favorite team which is why I am doing it for them and nobody else. Let’s see if I predict the 82-80 record that I had in my previous standings predictions.

@ Atlanta: 1-2

vs. Kansas City: 2-1

vs. New York (NL): 2-1

@ Miami: 2-1

@ Cincinnati: 1-2

vs. St. Louis: 1-3

vs. Pittsburgh: 2-2

@ New York (NL): 1-2

@ Cleveland: 1-1

vs. Miami: 3-1

@ San Francisco: 0-3

@ Arizona: 2-2

vs. Cleveland: 2-0

vs. Cincinnati: 1-2

@ Miami: 2-1

@ Washington: 1-2

@ Boston: 1-1

vs. Boston: 2-0

vs. Milwaukee: 2-1

vs. Miami: 2-1

@ Milwaukee: 2-2

@ Minnesota: 2-1

@ Colorado: 3-0

vs. Washington: 0-3

vs. New York (NL): 1-2

@ San Diego: 3-0

@ LA (NL): 2-2

@ Pittsburgh: 1-2

vs. Atlanta: 2-1

vs. Washington: 2-2

vs. Chicago (AL): 2-1

@ New York (NL): 2-1

@ St. Louis: 1-2

@ Detroit: 0-3

vs. San Francisco: 1-2

vs. Atlanta: 2-1

vs. Chicago (NL): 3-0

@ Washington: 2-1

@ Atlanta: 1-2

vs. LA (NL): 2-1

vs. Colorado: 3-1

vs. Arizona: 2-1

@ New York (NL): 2-2

@ Chicago (NL): 2-1

vs. Washington: 1-2

vs. Atlanta: 2-1

vs. San Diego: 2-1

@ Washington: 1-2

vs. Miami: 3-0

vs. New York (NL): 2-1

@ Miami: 2-1

@ Atlanta: 3-1

After adding up my totals it appears as if I have them going 87-75 which is indeed possible. Since I am even more a stat junkie, I also want to add up the totals I have them going against teams in their own division. I think I may have given them a few too many wins against Atlanta. Let’s find out.

vs. Washington: 7-12 (The Nationals are going to be amazing this year. Last year the Phillies played poorly against them and I don’t see things changing much this season. A 7-12 record against the team I think will lose in the World Series isn’t that bad though, right?)

vs. Atlanta: 11-8 (The Phillies have played the Braves pretty well the last few seasons. It is very possible the Braves could struggle against them, especially later in the year when the Braves have a history of collapsing and the Phillies fight a little harder)

vs. New York (NL): 10-9 (The Phillies have struggled against the Mets recently. Even with the absence of RA Dickey I know the baseball gods will be cruel and make me suffer having to experience many losses to the Mets)

vs. Miami: 14-5 (The Marlins are going to suck this year. It doesn’t matter who is playing them. Everyone I’m playing fantasy baseball against this season and me could play on a team and still split the season against them)


2013 MLB Standing Projections

These are my projections for the 2013 MLB season. If you happen to disagree or would like to know why I chose the way I did then feel free to leave a comment. Of course I won’t be 100% because I didn’t match up schedules and all that stuff to even find out if this was possible.

AL East

Toronto Blue Jays W: 94 L: 68

Tampa Bay Rays W: 92 L: 70

Baltimore Orioles W: 83 L: 79

New York Yankees W: 79 L: 83

Boston Red Sox W: 75 L: 87

AL Central

Detroit Tigers W: 91 L: 71

Chicago White Sox W: 84 L: 78

Kansas City Royals W: 79 L: 83

Cleveland Indians W: 69 L: 93

Minnesota Twins W: 64 L: 98

AL West

Los Angeles Angels W: 86 L: 76

Texas Rangers W: 83 L: 79

Oakland Athletics W: 77 L: 85

Seattle Mariners W: 68 L: 94

Houston Astros W: 52 L: 110

NL East

Washington Nationals W: 96 L: 66

Atlanta Braves W: 85 L: 77

Philadelphia Phillies W: 82 L: 80

New York Mets W: 75 L: 87

Miami Marlins W: 68 L: 94

NL Central

Cincinnati Reds W: 92 L: 70

St. Louis Cardinals W: 87 L: 75

Milwaukee Brewers W: 84 L: 78

Pittsburgh Pirates W: 81 L: 81

Chicago Cubs W: 73 L: 89

NL West

Los Angeles Dodgers W: 89 L: 73

San Francisco Giants W: 88 L: 74

Arizona Diamondbacks W: 80 L: 82

Colorado Rockies W: 72 L: 90

San Diego Padres W: 71 L: 91


AL Wild Card: Tampa Bay defeats Chicago (AL)

NL Wild Card: San Francisco defeats St. Louis

Round 1:

Toronto defeats Tampa Bay (I’m pretty sure the new rules allows them to play each other in the first round)

Los Angeles (AL) defeats Detroit

Washington defeats San Francisco

Los Angeles (NL) defeats Cincinnati

Round 2:

Toronto defeats Los Angeles (AL)

Washington defeats Los Angeles (NL)

World Series:

Toronto defeats Washington in 6