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Miami Carlins End of the Year Ceremony Nominations

Here are the nominees for the Miami Carlins Awards.

Player of the Year:

Andrew McCutchen

Matt Carpenter

Yu Darvish

Surprise of the Year:

Matt Carpenter

Jordan Zimmermann

Jayson Werth

Disappointment of the Year:

Starlin Castro

Pablo Sandoval

Nelson Cruz/Jhonny Peralta Suspension

Best Free Agent Signing/Waiver Claim:

Matt Carpenter 4/2

Carlos Gomez 4/23

Torii Hunter 5/15

Draft Pick Steal:

Grant Balfour Round 17 (165 overall)

Mike Minor Round 20 (196 overall)

Jayson Werth Round 24 (236 overall)

Player of the Week Wins: Jhoulys Chacin, Nelson Cruz, Yu Darvish (3), Freddie Freeman (3), Carlos Gomez (3), Cole Hamels (2), Ian Kinsler, Andrew McCutchen (2), Mike Minor (3), Matt Moore (2), Carlos Santana, Jayson Werth, Jordan Zimmermann

Enemy of the Week Wins: Yoenis Cespedes, Chris Davis, Josh Donaldson, Edwin Encarnacian (2), Jose Fernandez, Matt Garza, Tim Hudson, Adam Jones, Jason Kipnis, Cliff Lee, Evan Longoria, Joe Mauer, Brandon Moss, Edward Mujica, Bud Norris, Max Scherzer, Nick Swisher,  Justin Upton, Shane Victorino, Adam Wainwright, David Wright, Ryan Zimmerman

Disappointment of the Week Wins: Grant Balfour, Matt Carpenter, Starlin Castro (2), Allen Craig, Nelson Cruz, Yu Darvish, Jeremy Guthrie, Jose Iglesias, Ian Kinsler, Jason Kubel, Andrew McCutchen, Wade Miley, Mike Minor, Matt Moore, Jhonny Peralta, Pablo Sandoval (2), Jake Westbrook (2), Jordan Zimmermann (3)

Week 22 Results

As fatalistically predicted, the Miami Carlins suffered a traumatic loss at the hands of Stone Cold, 309-261. The playoffs have already begun with the Carlins in the sixth and final playoff spot. Pretty amazing considering a win in Week 22 would have given America’s Favorite Fantasy Baseball team a first round bye. That shows you just how close this is.

Player of the Week goes to Cole Hamels with 55 points. Enemy of the Week goes to Ryan Zimmerman who notched 31 points. Disappointment of the Week goes to Yu Darvish with -2 points. Wade Miley had a -10 performance, but at this point I expect negativity from people with the name Miley.

miley-cyrus-billboard-mid-year-awards-nominee(I dare her to name one other player from the Chicago Bulls ever)

Let’s announce some scores from around the league:

Houston Asterisks beat Cecil Cantrell in a meaningless game, 302-270

Team Boyle snuck into the playoffs with a win over Jimmy Dean Vienna Sausages, 303-262

Team Gold knocked The Fuzzy Taints’ chances at making the post season by beating them 283-212

Drunkin’ Drafters got lucky and faced Si Hurricanes in the final week, giving them a first round bye after a 227-151 victory

I will get to the playoff picture in another post as it will up my blog stats, slightly. Let’s instead give a brief announcement for the Atlanta Slaves:

The Atlanta Slaves finished the regular season in 2nd place. It was a tight battle between the top 3 spots and the 4th and final playoff position came down to a half game victory. It will take only two wins to become the league champion where I will win a ring. Just what I want, this guy after me.


The Miami Carlins finished with a pitiful 11-11 record after a tremendous 5-0 start. Blame can be placed on Nelson Cruz and Jhonny Peralta. Blame will not be placed on them though as it always comes down to the manager, me. All this means now is that we are the underdogs.

Pablo Sandoval You Fat S.O.B. I Love You

Pablo Sandoval has finally contributed. Last night, Miami Carlins third baseman and competitive eater Pablo Sandoval hit three home runs totally 25 points. After a Yu Darvish -1 pitching performance, Sandoval has helped the Carlins get back in it this week.

The score is currently tied at 141, the Carlins having used 5 starts and Stone Cold having used 4. It’s going to take a few good pitching performances and maybe even another fat bastard hitting three home runs. As it currently looks, Mike Minor and Cole Hamels will get the last two starts for the Carlins before the postseason begins next Monday. The Carlins pretty much need this win to secure a first round bye. A playoff spot, if my math is correct, has been secured since the Carlins have the tie-breaker over most teams.

For now though, let’s celebrate Pablo Sandoval. The next hamburger is on me kid.

Pablo Sandoval

Week 19 Results

The Miami Carlins won during Week 19 and what else is there to say? We have made it hell for the Si Hurricanes this season, beating them all three times. I will show some mercy and just get onto the weekly wrap-up. The final score was 291-223 by the way. Thought I should let you know how flattened they are.

Player of the Week goes to Yu Darvish who finished with 54 points, mostly because of his pitching performance on Monday which netted him 40 points. Disappointment of the Week goes to Starlin Castro and Jose Iglesias who combined for -4 points. Enemy of the Week goes to Joe Mauer with 31 points. Thank goodness he’s on the Atlanta Slaves.

Scores from around the league time? I think so:

Jimmy Dean Vienna Sausages narrowly beat out the Houston Asterisk 302-297

Team Boyle pushed closer to .500 with a 297-240 win over Stone Cold

The Fuzzy Taints got themselves back over .500 with a win over Cecil Cantrell, 316-274

Team Gold did my team a favor by beating Drunkin’ Drafters, 288-260

New from the Atlanta Slaves? Let’s get on with it!

The Atlanta Slaves are back in first place by a half game. What more is there to say? We’ve been consistent and with the playoffs only a few weeks away we look to win the prize the league is giving out, nothing.

Week 20 sees the Miami Carlins facing the hated rivals Jimmy Dean Vienna Sausages. We’re off to a bad start this week, much thanks to team captain Jordan Zimmermann. What happened to that guy? I blame his brother George.

George Zimmerman


Simple and Easy

This week’s match against the Si Hurricanes has been simple and easy and any other adjectives you can think of that mean minimal effort. Starting with Yu Darvish’s 40 point performance Monday, the Miami Carlins currently have a 161-154 lead. This may not look like much until I reveal that the Si Hurricanes have used 6 of their 7 starts. The Miami Carlins have only used 3. Barring multiple pitching meltdowns or Si Hurricanes’ third baseman Aramis Ramirez turning back the clock a decade and regaining a power stroke, it looks like the Miami Carlins will sail into next week with ease.


I have been so busy with work that I didn’t get a chance to check what was going on with the Miami Carlins. The fright when I finally did see the results still has me scared stiff.

The Miami Carlins lost their lead to Team Gold. Still, it’s close. Real close. 359-352 close. Both teams have used 11 of their 14 starts too. An extra save can change things. Or you know, a not blown save which I am starting to feel may come back to bite me.

For the Carlins Yu Darvish, Jhoulys Chacin, and Matt Moore will still pitch. Team Gold will toss Chris Sale, Chris Archer, and Jose Fernandez on the mound. If we got bonus points for having pitchers with funny names the Carlins would win. We don’t though. That’s too subjective.

hiram(Hiram Bocachica, the greatest name ever)

Also please check out something I wrote for Yahoo.

A Big Day

Yesterday was a big day for the Miami Carlins. After a poor pitching performance by team captain Jordan Zimmermann, the rest of the team decided to get some retribution. Andrew McCutchen and Jayson Werth both hit two home runs, Yu Darvish came off the disabled list and pitched well, and Matt Moore earned a 35 point shutout. The offense put up a total of 51 points while the pitching contributed 72 for a total of 123. As we sit right now, the Miami Carlins lead Team Gold 238-122.

Nelson Cruz and Torii Hunter also hit home runs yesterday with Joe Nathan and Grant Balfour earning clean saves.

The Carlins have used 8 of their 14 starts this week while Team Gold has only used 4. The lead we have still looks to be large enough to ride onto victory. This week of course takes place over the course of 10 days and there’s plenty more baseball left to play. I feel almost every day I have some cliche phrase like that to say. There is nothign else here to report other than everything went right for the Carlins yesterday.

matt moore smile(It’s good Matt Moore has such a thick smile. Any thinner and his eyebrows would be larger than his grin)

Two More Miami Carlins All-Stars

The honors keep coming. It was announced today that SP Matt Moore will be replacing SP Yu Darvish on the American League roster due to Darvish’s injury. Of course, I was smart enough to draft them both.

In even shocking news, Freddie Freeman beat out Yasiel Puig for the final vote. I’m hoping this is my first true omen of the season. Freeman is a Miami Carlin while Puig plays for Jimmy Dean Vienna Sausages. Freeman beat out Puig. Will the Carlins beat out Jimmy Dean Vienna Sausages? The score is currently 192-137 with Madison Bumgartner currently on the mound for Jimmy Dean Vienna Sausages. It’s a good lead so far, but with only two starts left compared to JDVS who have four left, there are still no guarantees.

MLB: New York Mets at Atlanta Braves(Freddie Freeman, All-Star first baseman and bongo)

A Week of Great Matchups

The Miami Carlins have great pitching matchups this week. Dare I call it epic?

Last night began with Jordan Zimmermann pitching against the Milwaukee Brewers and Matt Moore against the Houston Astros. Later in the week, Zimmermann pitches against the San Diego Padres and Matt Moore pitches against the Chicago White Sox.

mlb_g_moore-zimmerman_576(Magically I didn’t even have to create this picture)

But wait, there’s more!

Yu Darvish’s lone start this week is against his lone star counterparts, the Houston Astros. John Lackey pitches against the San Diego Padres and the underachieving Los Angeles Angels. Mike Minor pitches against the Miami Marlins, Jake Westbrook pitches against the Miami Marlins, and then the next start Mike Minor makes on Monday is again against the Miami Marlins. The only bad matchup this week is Cole Hamels against the Pittsburgh Pirates, a team that although they are the best team in the league, it’s their pitching that really is the reason why.

With all of these great starts, how do I decide who to pitch? Let’s start with Jordan Zimmermann, the team captain. I refuse to not start him no matter who the opponent is. He’s getting both of his starts. That takes up 2/7 starts.

Yu Darvish nearly pitched a perfect game against the Astros so that’s 3/7.

Mike Minor and Jake Westbrook against the Marlins, that’s a no brainer. We’re now at 5/7.

Cole Hamels has struggled this season so I’m definitely not using his start. And although John Lackey has been pitching well, his matchups are still not as favorable as the others. The Padres are no cake walk and the Angels are way overdue.

The final two starts will most likely be used again with Matt Moore’s start against the White Sox, as well as the one used last night. And that’s how I got to 7/7 starts used.

It means very little at this point, but the Miami Marlins lead the Si Hurricanes 43-6. There was an unusually high number of strikeouts for both teams. Thankfully, Matt Moore’s 30 points helped get us a huge jump-start.

The only hard decision right now seems to be how to get Matt Carpenter into the starting lineup. Tonight Carlos Gomez is not playing so Carpenter has been moved to the Utility position. For now though it could be tricky and Pablo Sandoval could be riding the pine a little more than he would like. Then again, he’s so incredible fat and would enjoy getting to sit. I’ve really had it out for him this season.

Let the Good Times Roll

The Miami Carlins have continued their back to the basics week. The basics of course being winning. Cole Hamels pitched terrific last night as did Jeremy Guthrie. A good managerial decision was made on my part by not playing Matt Moore against the best hitting team in baseball, the Detroit Tigers. Moore earned -15 points in his start. The Carlins lead Cecil Cantrell 188-118. The only thing right now is to hope the final two starts for the Carlins this week, one by Yu Darvish and one by Jordan Zimmermann, continue the streak of positive news. Cecil Cantrell has only used one start, but as stated in an earlier post, the match-ups are not the best.

Cecil Cantrell needs to average about 15 points a start in order to catch up. It’s very possible and can still happen, but as is the case with everything in life other than daily self-doubt, there are no guarantees.