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Triple Plays

Here’s how to execute a perfect triple play. Of course, most triple plays are usually the runner’s faults. This one is no different.


A Second Team – Atlanta Slaves

I joined another fantasy league with some friends, friends of friends, and one enemy. I will report on this team on occasion, but since this blog is dedicated to the Miami Carlins it will only happen sparingly. My team name is the Atlanta Slaves. Is there much else to say?

I believe this draft happens right before opening day. The buy-in was far less for this league which means the prize is less. Still, I’m not doing this for the money. I do it for the glory.

This league is a keeper league and we are allowed to select three players to remain on our roster from last season. I inherited this team from some loser who couldn’t fork over $20 to do it again this year. My three players I will be keeping are Andrew McCutchen, Robinson Cano, and C.C. Sabathia. McCutchen and Cano were selected 5th and 4th in my main league which gives me an immediate advantage in this new league of six teams. I am counting on McCutchen to have a big season this year as he is on both teams, my number one overall pick for the Miami Carlins. Cano was my original hopeful first pick in the Miami Carlins draft, but was swiped away a pick too soon. As far as C.C. Sabathia goes, I love him but I’m not in love with him. We have grown distant over the years. I still want to be young and travel while he’s ready to settle down and have children. We’re sticking it out together, for the sake of the children.

My prediction for the Atlanta Slaves this 2013 season: Triumph

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The Evil Empire Dies

In preparation for tomorrow’s draft I have been researching the 2013 projected starting lineups for several teams. I want to be as knowledgeable as possible before things get underway. Whilst (I love using that word, I feel so English) browsing online I came across the New York Yankees projected starting lineup for opening day. I have included each player’s current age. I could include their ages on opening day, but that would require math and looking up their schedule to find out when they first hit the field for non-exhibition games. Sadly for Yankees fans, things are not looking up.

Ichiro Suzuki – 39

Derek Jeter – 38

Robinson Cano – 30

Kevin Youkilis – 33

Travis Hafner – 35

Juan Rivera – 34

Dan Johnson – 33

Brett Gardner – 29

Chris Stewart – 31

My hip has been killing me the last two weeks and seeing as Brett Gardner would have been the only player I could have attended high school with makes me wonder how much pain these guys suffer every day. With Mark Teixera (32), Alex Rodriguez (37), and Curtis Granderson (31) on the disabled list, the Yankees have been in talks with free agent Scott Rolen (37, almost 38) to fill in at third base. They are also allegedly trying to get Derek Lee (37) and Chipper Jones (ancient) to come out of retirement to play first base and third base respectively.

Possibly as sad as their starting lineup is the pitching. Their projected rotation is headed by 32 year old C.C. Sabathia who has been showing signs of slowing down. Also in the bunch is Hiroki Kuroda (38), Andy Pettite (40), Phil Hughes (26), and Ivan Nova (26). And of course closing things out for them will be 43 year old Mariano Rivera who pitched 8.1 innings in only 9 games last season.

Has the Evil Empire died? Let’s hope so. Nothing against New York, but this video fits too perfect.