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It Ain’t Right Adam Wainwright

It Ain’t Right Adam Wainwright,

You pitched a one-hitter,

Now I feel in this week’s in the shitter,

Why’d you do this to me?

It Ain’t Right Cardinal’s Pitcher,

I know the reasons you did it which’re

The better you play the more richer

You get once your contract comes up.

It Ain’t Right Mister Ace,

I find it a little bit of a disgrace,

I can no longer look at your face,

You may have screwed me out of first place,

Gotta remind myself this season’s not a marathon but a race

And still ain’t working one bit.

It Ain’t Right Adam Wainwright,

You pitched the Rockies in tight,

Like a magician you’ve got the sleight,

Why’d you do this shit to me?